At Cosmetic Laser Solutions SA, our client satisfaction means everything to us. We believe that by providing a friendly, honest, professional and effective service, our clients will appreciate our efforts and share their experience with their family and friends.
Our research confirms that over 65% of new clients come to us through referrals.
The following are just some comments from a few of our many satisfied clients:

I’ve had an unwanted hair problem since I was in my teens. I plucked every day without fail and even had electrolysis for several years, as I was so embarrassed and self conscious about my excess hair.
After having my two children, I found excess hair in places I never thought possible. I had heard so much about laser hair removal and thought I would give it a go.
It’s been the best decision I’ve made. I no longer pluck at all and the results have been truly amazing. With the Candela GentleMAX, it’s so fast, painless and effective.
At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, I have been so impressed with the professionalism, care and service I’ve received.
I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend Cosmetic Laser Solutions to anyone with unwanted hair.

Leanne, 30

If anybody is looking to get some laser hair or pigment removal or just need a nice facial, I can not recommend Cindy enough! I only needed one zap on my underarms and a few in other zones! She also cured this weird acne breakout where I just looked like a human pimple. She does discounts on packages and is just a super lovely woman. Plus supporting small businesses is way better than going to those impersonal chains.

Steph – Norwood

Divorced at 51! Single again (GASP)! Unwanted hair that I could barely see but someone a bit younger than me might have seen? No. No. No. It was a matter of urgency to deal with this unwanted hair problem! Cindy was recommended to me by my next door neighbour. I went along to make enquiries and I admit, to sign up. To my delight, Cindy was so understanding and caring, yet professional and the treatment cost was reasonable. I looked forward to my visits to Cindy and can highly recommend her to anyone looking to get rid of unwanted hair.

Diane – Adelaide

I have had laser hair removal on a number of areas. I first started on my upper lip & chin before doing my underarms, then bikini and finally legs. I am extremely happy with the results to date and found the pricing at Cosmetic Laser Solutions very reasonable and the staff friendly, competent and knowledgeable.


Great service, very professional, and Cindy’s advice is great. She knows what she is doing, and will give you advice on how to get the best treatment for you. Easy location, and the appointments are always on time, and a pleasant experience. Would definitely recommend Cindy to anyone!

Michelle Lee

I first went to Cosmetic Laser Solutions about 5 months ago and have had both laser hair removal under my arms, and laser vein treatment on some spider veins on my legs. Since then I have had two more laser hair removal treatments and it’s fantastic. I no longer have to shave everyday and only ever worry about shaving once a week, if that.
As for my spider veins it had reached the point where I was embarrassed to wear shorts in summer and had people asking me why my legs were bruised, not understanding they were spider veins.
Since having the laser treatment you can’t even tell that I’ve got any spider veins and I’ve started wearing shorts again. I couldn’t be happier with all of the results!


Cosmetic Laser Solutions has produced excellent results in only 4 visits with very minimal hair regrowth. After receiving 3 treatments a year ago using a MeDioStar machine without any visible hair reduction, I have been extremely pleased with the outcome of my treatments with the Gentlemax laser. The service at Cosmetic Laser Solutions is always welcoming and friendly!


I am 52 and have had a hormone imbalance problem all my life. This resulted in dark facial hair that was a constant embarrassment to me. I had to shave every day – like a man. My sister recommended Cindy to me. I was scared because I had tried electrolysis, which was extremely painful. Cindy was fantastic. She explained everything to me and promised me there would be no pain and there wasn’t. Over the past few months, I have had regular treatments with Cindy and I now feel like a new woman! Cindy really cared about me and helped me get rid of my facial hair problem. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Julie – Adelaide

Excellent Service! After having IPL treatments that didn’t work from a beauty salon, I was ecstatic with the results I achieved at Cosmetic Laser Solutions and happy to finally find a permanent hair removal treatment that worked. The owner is personable and explains all the aspects of the treatment unlike most places. I would highly recommend using this company to anyone who would like safe, quality laser treatment.

Anonymous (Google Review)

I decided to try Cosmetic Laser Solutions on the recommendation of a friend after having several IPL treatments for facial hair at another practice. After just 2 treatments I could see the difference. The hair growth slowed right down, hairs were lighter & finer and the treatment was much less painful than my previous treatments. My experience with Cosmetic Laser Solutions has been fantastic. The staff are professional & extremely helpful.

B M Mawson Lakes

The hair removal treatment I’ve had with Cosmetic Laser Solutions has been far superior to treatments I’ve had previously on an IPL machine. After 2 very painful treatments without any real improvement, I decided to try the Candela laser machine offered by Cosmetic Laser Solutions. After 4 virtually pain-free treatments, I’ve already experienced a remarkable reduction in hair regrowth. The staff are very professional and friendly providing treatment in a relaxed atmosphere.


It’s not often that your experience surpasses your expectations – that’s how I have found Cosmetic Laser Solutions. After years of shaving and using hair removal creams on my back I can finally take off my shirt with confidence. Being a bloke, I was initially embarrassed about seeking treatment, but the staff are very understanding and have made me feel really at ease.


I’d always been very self-conscious about the hair on my back. I tried waxing (very painful) and depilatory creams which provided a very temporary solution. A colleague referred me to Cosmetic Laser Solutions a few months ago and I’ve subsequently had 3 treatments and the results have been fantastic.
I’d heard that laser treatment can be quite painful, but the GentleMAX laser used for the treatment isn’t painful at all. I’d recommend Cosmetic Laser Solutions to anyone suffering the embarrassment of unwanted body hair.

Craig, 43